What does Resilient Heritage do?

Resilient Heritage collaborates at the crossroads between and among arts, culture, and heritage. Working with museums, community organizations, and the governmental sector, Resilient Heritage builds value and connections that in turn strengthen organizations to fulfill mission-critical work through organizational development, fundraising, and public engagement.

What types of organizations does Resilient Heritage serve? 

Resilient Heritage works with nonprofit organizations in the arts, culture, and heritage sectors including museums, museum associations, historical societies, historic preservation organizations, arts and culture centers, theaters, film centers, and dance companies.

How can Resilient Heritage help me?

Resilient Heritage helps clients, collaborators and partners in many ways—from program assessment and organizational development, to public engagement and programming, to grant writing, fundraising and event planning.

Anything else I should know? 

Resilient Heritage also works in the field of arts, culture, and heritage advocacy, supporting legislative efforts and initiatives through advocacy events and programs.

Read testimonials from past clients, HERE. For more information, please reach out to Daniel Ronan at [email protected] or (503) 449-2155.

Firm Values

Resilient Heritage embraces core values of respect, inclusiveness, authenticity, community, and integrity.