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Census 2020: Counting Non-Citizens/Undocumented Immigrants a Win for Your Institution

The recent news from the Department of Justice that the Trump Administration will not be pursuing the citizenship question on the 2020 Census should be welcome news to all that serve arts, culture, and heritage institutions. Notwithstanding the net-positive contributions undocumented immigrants bring to the U.S. Treasury through the taxes they pay each year, the […]

“Preserving heritage in different ways” – The Story of Yesler Terrace

Walking around Yesler Terrace, the first public housing project in both Seattle and Washington State, I’m drawn to its story. Having climbed the steep grade of Yesler Way from Pioneer Square, I find the location of this place is central, and it’s importance to Seattle, even moreso. As the first fully-racially integrated housing project in […]

This (Chicago)Land: and ode to the history of public housing in Chicago

On the 75th Anniversary of the timeless folk song “This Land is your Land” by Woody Guthrie. Apart from reflecting the times in which it was written, its simplicity, accessibility, and catchy-ness all have allowed Americans to think more broadly of what “This Land” means as we continual forge an ever-changing national identity. Taking pen […]