Your Story

Resilient Heritage is only as successful as the diversity of its storytelling and reporting. Have a story you’d like to tell, want to explore an issue relevant to your community or  the heritage movement? This blog is for you. We seek to include topics about preservation projects, stories, and histories that are not often communicated to broader audiences.

Here are some ideas:

1. A particular story which brought you or your community into the heritage movement.

2. A preservation project in your community and coinciding efforts in community outreach and engagement, financing and fundraising, and/or zoning.

3. A preservation challenge your community faces which could be climate change, rampant development, gentrification and more topics.

4. An innovative preservation idea that can help further heritage efforts.

Here are some formats:
1. A “punch piece” of 300-500 words, usually introducing a new topic with multiple colorful images
2. A “story” of 501-1000 words, explaining a topic more in depth with additional content to entice readers to read more about the subject, including images
3. A “narrative” 1001-1500 word or more, a “paper length” piece which delves into greater depth with various citations, including images – (in order to keep the blog readable, longer posts will be less common)
Most of all, this blog is a platform for community. If your idea furthers the conversation about preservation and heritage, it’s most likely fit to print.


We encourage you to submit your story ideas by emailing [email protected]! We are happy to walk you though the writing process and assist you in helping develop your story idea.